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Cost-Effective Compliance

Easily and cost-effectively comply with regulatory requirements with active, passive and hybrid lawful intercept options and data handover for any type of network.

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Inside SS8’s Xcipio Lawful Interception Compliance

Any Network, Anywhere

Xcipio is a powerful lawful intercept platform built for today’s high-speed networks. Deployed worldwide, its passive and active mediation solutions provide broad standards support including CALEA, ETSI and national requirements.

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Industry leading Xcipio is scalable to handle the data volumes associated with 5G and is fully virtualized, providing flexible deployment options, including containerization, to meet a communication providers needs.

Cloud Deployments for CSPs

Real-time Data

With advanced processing capabilities and application aware heuristics, Xcipio is designed for real-time communication extraction to support your intelligence requirements.

Intelligence at the Edge
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Are you receiving the best communications information?

Real-time communication interception and intelligence solutions that support all network types to comply with local regulations or laws.


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