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Webinar :

Migration to 5G and Its Impact on Lawful Intelligence

This webinar is complete, but you can still watch it!

5G Migration Strategies for Mediation Platforms

Regardless of your starting network structure3G or 4Gyou need a strategy to migrate your Lawful Interception platform upgrades to ensure continued compliancy. The transition to 5G can feel overwhelming at times and missteps can cause compliance issues.   

Fortunately, there are resources available to make migration easier. Listen to Cemal Dikmen, SS8 Chief Technology Officer, in the first installment of our webinar series, The Migration to 5G and Its Impact on Lawful Intelligence, as we discuss the variety of strategies and paths to move into 5G networks from 4G.  

In part one of two we will address:

  • Evaluating the pros and cons of each migration path as defined by 3GPP. 
  • Best practices for making the transition. 
  • Assuring at each step that LI compliance is met and what adjustments to make if not.


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