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  • Managing & Analyzing Huge Datasets for Law Enforcement Investigations July 30, 2020
    The 5G world is upon us!  Which means Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) have a headache: 10X to 100X normal data rates are on the horizon. LEAs often intercept and analyze communication data when investigating a suspect of interest.  However, to put the new volumes into perspective, there will now be 100 Mbps per suspect. So just […]
  • Lawful Intercept: The High-Risk Dilemma June 30, 2020
    “High-Risk” Providers Recently, we’ve heard a lot about “high-risk” network equipment providers and their potential security vulnerabilities. There is a fear they may be used by Nation-States surveillance tools against companies or other nations. In some western countries, the debate and concern about using such providers has been significant. The debate becomes amplified when you […]
  • Deploying Lawful Intelligence in an IoT World May 28, 2020
    Today, the Internet of Things (or IoT) is a common part of our lives. Internet-connected thermostats enable us to make better energy decisions and we can check on our homes, even when we are thousands of miles away, through connected security cameras. While the general public’s exposure to IoT has been with consumer products, the […]