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  • Sidelink and Its Impact on Lawful Intelligence November 24, 2020
    Many have used the terms uplink and downlink and they may become more colorful when our video calls drop off. But are “uplink” and “downlink” the terms used? No, for years there have also been “Sidelink” communications. That is, direct mobile-to-mobile communications, but without connecting to a telecom network. While it had modest beginnings, “Sidelink” […]
  • Intercepted Location Data Can Help Intelligence Agencies November 10, 2020
    Having location capabilities in a mobile network was originally an afterthought. The first Global System for Mobile (GSM) network was launched in Finland in 1991 and ushered in a new era of cellular communications. However, there was no built-in location capability. It was not until seven years later that the Radio Resource Location Protocol (RRLP) […]
  • What is Target Intercept vs Bulk Intercept? October 27, 2020
    Overview There are two broad types of surveillance capabilities and they are classified as Targeted Intercept and Bulk (Mass) Intercept. Targeted interception, or targeted surveillance, is focused on individuals or a Subject of Interest (SoI) with government or judicial oversight and can be carried out overtly or covertly. Each surveillance is completed for a specific […]