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  • Evolution of Network Data Records and Their Significance on LEA Investigations October 13, 2020
    For the last 50 years, the telecom industry has been happily providing technology for people to make voice calls, and to assure proper accounting they have been creating a simple Call Detailed Record (CDR) for each. These records include data fields such as the number called and who called, the duration, billing amount, route the […]
  • Understanding 5G Standards for Lawful Intercept September 22, 2020
    5G is the most exciting new technology when it comes to wireless communications. Just like when 4G/LTE enabled many application developments that changed the way we live today, 5G will revolutionize the way we live moving forward. Low-latency and high-speed connectivity will support new and exciting applications and business opportunities. Virtual and augmented reality, self-driving […]
  • CLOUD Act – Its Impact on Law Enforcement September 2, 2020
    In March of 2018 U.S. Congress passed the CLOUD Act, which addressed a growing issue for domestic and international law enforcement, Internet service operators (such as Microsoft) and national governments. The legislation acronym stands for Clarifying Overseas Use of Data Act and the words in the title of the legislation were well chosen. Many haven’t […]