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Published on August 21st, 2018 | by SS8 Marketing

SS8 Delivers the First 5G Lawful Intercept Bundle for Data, VoLTE, Internet of Things, and Rich Communication Services interfaces for Global Operators and Law Enforcement Agencies as a bundled package

 SS8 5G Lawful Intercept Bundle provides 5G Lawful Intercept for Data and Voice, Internet of Things and Rich Communication Services

MILPITAS, Calif.- As the wireless networks transition to 5th Generation with new radio and core components, SS8, a leading provider of Lawful Intercept platforms, has announced the successful implementation for the latest network elements with a Tier 1 Global Service Provider. SS8 has taken that work and experience and created a bundle of functionality. The fully active bundle is available for deployment today on any 5G network. The promise of 5G will drive massive amounts of data, and SS8 can manage, capture, and provide it to Law Enforcement Agencies for Public Safety.

The 5G Bundle includes interfaces to all the required network elements for access to meet the current and evolving standards. Working with large network customers and network equipment providers, SS8 provides a carrier grade, highly scalable platform for immediate trials and deployments. Within the bundle, SS8 also provides access to Internet of Things, as suspects of interest connect to many devices that are valuable for investigations, as well as Rich Communication Services, which is also part of the messaging platform expansion.

“SS8 is moving from Lawful Intercept to Lawful Intelligence with 5G, IoT, and RCS which will drive massive amounts of data for Lawful Intelligence Analysts to manage”, said Dr. Keith Bhatia, Executive Vice President. “We are leading in the interfaces and the deployment of the large-scale, high throughput platforms, as well as managing the data for the Analysts.”

SS8 captures the data for Suspects of Interest and now Devices of Interest as well. SS8 provides Investigators with all the information required to meet the Lawful Intercept orders.

SS8 continues to innovate and lead the market in technology deployments and solutions for our global customers.

About SS8 Networks

SS8, a network intelligence company, provides solutions to help customers quickly identify, track and investigate devices and subjects of interest. By generating, storing and recursively analyzing high-definition metadata records and content extracted from network packets, SS8 customers gain unprecedented intelligence for investigating what matters most. SS8 is trusted by six of the largest intelligence agencies, eight of the 14 largest communications providers and five of the largest systems integrators. Visit or follow us on Twitter @SS8.