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Your 5G Intelligence Partner

for Regulatory Compliance

SS8 is leading the charge in 5G mediation, working with our customers who are among the largest and most innovative telecommunications companies around the world, as they trial and launch 5G services.


5G Brings on New Challenges for Regulatory Compliance


With industry-leading scalability and performance of up to 10 gigabits per second per targeted device, full IPv6 support, interoperability across multiple network technologies, fully virtualized, and cloud-ready deployment capabilities, SS8’s Xcipio for 5G Lawful Interception is ready for deployment today.


SS8 has been providing mediation solutions all over the world for twenty years. And, as you’d expect from the leading provider, we’ve been working with our customers and their vendors on 5G deployments for several years and have completed our first 5G solutions.


Processing network traffic all the way through to the application layer is easy with SS8’s Xcipio. Its deep application knowledge allows classification of target types, giving you more than just surface level information.


The massive increase in bandwidth coupled with a growing number of devices that will consume the bandwidth presents a problem for most mediation systems—how to scale from tens-of-megabits today to multiple gigabits in 5G for a given device.

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