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Case Study :

SS8 Networks & Ocient Case Study

When conducting law enforcement investigations, speed is of the essence. The difference between detecting criminal activity in the digital space in seconds versus hours or days has a massive impact on addressing crime and protecting public safety. By working with SS8 and Ocient together, LEAs have the ability to work better, smarter, faster, and at a larger scale to address more threats, scale hard-to-find insights, and harness the power of data for good at an unprecedented level of performance.

SS8 and Ocient simplify data management, enable real-time visualizations, and scale to manage 10’s of petabytes of data which can be harnessed in seconds for lawful intelligence. By leveraging SS8 and Ocient as a joint technical solution, LEAs can leverage full resolution data sets with typically one-fifth of the storage footprint of copy-based data management solutions.

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