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Press Releases

08Dec 20

SS8 Celebrates 20th Anniversary

SS8 Networks has reached an exciting milestone as the company announces its 20th anniversary as a lawful intercept and monitoring center platform provider.
11Aug 20

SS8 Announces Next Generation Data Analysis Solution for Lawful Intelligence

SS8 Networks, the leader in Lawful Intercept and Monitoring Center platforms, today announced that it has expanded its Intellego XT product to include scalable real-time metadata analysis, advanced metadata queries, that significantly increase data processing volumes and higher processing speeds. Used by law enforcement agencies, the “MetaHub” component of Intellego XT’s Monitoring Center, ingests and analyzes metadata from a variety of sources for investigative purposes.
14Apr 20

SS8 Lawful Intelligence Solutions: MCPTT

SS8 is proud to announce the deployment of its new lawful intelligence application for mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) capabilities which integrate with telecom operator systems provided by leading MCPTT vendors.