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Comprehensive, Real-time Results

Law Enforcement agencies can quickly access communications data and view the results on a user interface specifically designed for intelligence agencies. View disparate data sources as one, Intellego XT accelerates data analysis to drive better investigative outcomes.

Resources Metadata Analysis

Empowering Law Enforcement
Agencies with Actionable Intelligence

Real-time Monitoring Center

Receive actionable intelligence into a subject of interest.

Location Visualization

Leverage detailed location data analysis for greater intelligence gathering.

Combine Multiple Sources

Unite and analyze multiple siloed data sources simultaneously for expedited investigative results.

Create Digital Fingerprints

Use “Data Fusion” to combine 3rd party data sources to offset traffic going dark due to encryption.

Remove Data Silos

Leverage one seamless platform to execute sophisticated cross data set queries.

Scalable & Flexible

Cloud Native, scalable and cost-effective architecture.

Are you receiving the best intelligence data?

Real-time communication intelligence solutions that support all network types to comply with local regulations or laws.

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